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Excellent customer service is just one of the many things that sets WorldPay apart from our competitors and we have the numbers to prove it. One-call resolution is our goal.

With some of the most experienced and highly-trained customer service representatives in the industry, our 24/7 call center is there to assist you at any time and for any reason. Our commitment to customer service is so great that we don't even let our customer service representatives take their first phone call until they’ve had eight weeks of intensive, in-classroom training…so by the time they take your call, they’re experienced, seasoned professionals.

And our customer service doesn’t just end with our call center. Our PCI group holds regular conference calls open to all merchants to learn about how PCI helps your business and to answer any PCI questions you may have. Our Products group works closely with industry-leading equipment manufacturers such as VeriFone to ensure that you have the highest-quality, highest-performing equipment in the industry.

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ATM Customer Support: 888.486.4949

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Merchant Referral Program

Spread the Word About WorldPay and Earn Extra Cash!

As a WorldPay merchant, you can collect up to $250* for each new business you refer! Refer a prospective merchant with multiple locations and you can collect a referral bonus for each location that becomes a WorldPay customer. Start referring merchants today – it's easy!

Call WorldPay's Customer Care Center at 800.859.5965, select option 3, and provide the prospective merchant's contact information for referral. You'll receive your bonus payment as a credit on your processing statement after the merchant you refer has processed his/her first transaction.



*Bonus amounts will be based
on the monthly average
number of transactions for
the prospective merchant.


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e-Statement Service

Start enjoying the convenience of online statements with WorldPay’s e-Statement service.