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More people are choosing WorldPay because...

WorldPay manages the entire processing experience – from the point of sale through settlement of funds

We processed 7.7 billion transactions in 2010 totaling $443 billion - over 21 million transactions per day, nearly 1,000 per second.

You will receive personal attention from highly trained US-based Customer Care representatives - 24/7 - for technical support when you need it.

No payments processor offers the high level of connectivity that we do.

No other business combines our scale, geographic reach and capability across all the touch points of capturing, processing and settling transactions.


WorldPay's Value Credit Card Terminal Solution

High Security, High Performance, High Value, LOW COST

Makes taking card payments
easy & simple

PAYware Mobile

Take payments anywhere anytime with your iPhone

The low cost way to
take payments on
the move

Way 5000

A Cell Phone That Takes Payments

make calls, take payments

Advance Me

Financial Solutions to Advance Your Business

Receive up to $150,000 in working capital.


A World of Opportunity

As one of the fastest-growing processors in the US, WorldPay offers tremendous career opportunities.